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Although many personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys “handle” nursing home neglect and abuse cases, the truth is that these cases are nothing like handling a car accident or a doctor’s mistake. They are much more complex to investigate, more costly to pursue and more likely to be fought tooth-and-nail by insurance company lawyers. If you don’t want to be forced to settle cases for less than their full value, you have to know what you’re doing. At Young & Wallin, we know how nursing home providers put profits ahead of the people they are supposed to be caring for. We also understand how they and their insurance carriers approach these claims, what strategies and tactics they will use and to what lengths they will go to defeat a claim against them. We know all of this for one simple reason: lawyers Michael Young and Thomas Wallin used to defend nursing homes against claims of abuse or neglect.
Our practice is about protecting human dignity and fighting for justice. If you suspect that someone you love is being subjected to abuse or neglect by their care provider — contact the Law Offices of Young & Wallin.
While there are signs of abuse to look for and things that you can do on your own, you don’t have to know all the answers or be certain that abuse is occurring for it to make sense to talk to a lawyer. We have handled many cases involving senior abuse and neglect and know the laws governing nursing home care extremely well. Our experience — both as defense attorneys and as lawyers for victims and their families — also means that we know what to look for, where to look for it, and who to talk to during our investigation. We will not be intimidated by the insurance companies. We will not be deterred by their attempts to overwhelm us with documents or to exhaust our resources. We can and will take them to court whenever that’s what justice for our client requires.

We Know You Have Questions…

Nursing home neglect is offensive and reprehensible. That said, it is not an accusation that should be thrown about lightly. Victims of abuse are often unsure if they have been victimized or they are afraid or ashamed to talk about it. Likewise, family members who have placed loved ones in a nursing home are not likely to witness the abuse as it occurs or are blinded by trust or a sense of guilt into accepting the nursing home’s excuses for what has happened. Our lawyers value the relationships they have with clients and will do their best to answer your questions, keep you informed and keep you as involved in the process as you want to be — from the start of our involvement in the case through its conclusion and beyond.

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