There’s nothing wrong with needing help. And as we grow older, we may need help to do ordinary things we used to do on our own. A nursing home’s duty to provide care to its residents includes helping people with simple tasks such as standing up, walking, getting into and out of bed and much more. But when staff members who cannot or do not show up for work are not replaced, when profits become more important than people, then serious falls and injuries can occur.

Negligent nursing home staff members and understaffed facilities are the major cause of falls within nursing homes. Our elderly abuse lawyers know how to investigate these cases and will spare no effort in trying to obtain justice for you and your family. Contact our Los Angeles area nursing home neglect law offices today.

At Young & Wallin, we offer more than two decades of combined nursing home litigation experience to victims of abuse and family members in the Los Angeles area and throughout the state of California.

Nursing Home FallsIn our experience, falls are nearly always the result of negligence or understaffing. Some of the more common negligence cases include falls caused because a resident’s bed rails had not been locked in place, and falls caused because a staff member didn’t follow procedure and get help with a gurney-to-bed or wheelchair-to-bed transfer.

Understaffing also leads to serious problems as residents are sometimes left to wander unattended or forced to try and get out of bed and get to the bathroom on their own because no one has answered their call for help. In all cases, the individual’s dignity is injured and in many cases, serious or even fatal physical injuries result as well.

Whatever the cause, we will use our experience, both as former nursing home defense lawyers and as plaintiff’s attorneys, to find the information needed to establish a pattern of neglect. And while these cases are likely to be fought aggressively by the insurance company, rest assured that we will not be forced into settling your case for less than its full value simply because we are intimidated by the insurer. We have taken them on in court many times and have obtained numerous verdicts and fair settlements for previous clients.

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