Abusive Physical and Chemical Restraints

California Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Nursing homes typically have residents with many different conditions and levels of ability. Some residents’ individual care plans, particularly those with severe dementia or Alzheimer’s, may include some use of a physical or chemical restraint for both the safety of the individual themselves, and for the safety of the staff and other residents.

Some nursing home staff members will use a physical or chemical restraint simply as a way to control the patient so they can ignore them. The law says that’s abuse and we agree. Contact our nursing home abuse attorneys and together we’ll fight to stop it.

At Young & Wallin, we handle nursing home abuse cases throughout the state of California, fighting to protect the dignity of our clients and to obtain fair and just outcomes through either settlement or trial.

A physical restraint – usually used to keep a resident in bed who is prone Chemical Restraintsto wandering – may only be used with consent. If you have noticed sores or bruising, particularly around the wrists and ankles, and have not been asked for consent to use a physical restraint on your loved one, further investigation is called for.

A chemical restraint – reduction of the individual’s ability to think and act independently by means of a powerful psychotropic drug – should never be used unless the reasons and parameters are specified on the care plan.

The underlying reason for the abuse of either restraint is usually understaffing.

Because our attorneys used to work defending nursing homes against these claims, we know how to investigate and establish patterns of neglect and understaffing in these facilities. We also know the aggressive tactics and strategies insurance companies will use to defeat these claims. In every case, we are up to the challenge of taking on these “non-care providers” in litigation and fighting to obtain justice for those we represent.

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